What We Do Is Unique

The Driving Doctor’s® team are data and driver coaching specialists. We take all of the telematics data (and there is a lot of it!), interrogate, decipher and translate it and then we convert it directly into expert digital driver training. The result is that your drivers will receive a perpetual drip-feed of actionable educational notifications, emails and interactive features and campaigns that constantly coaches them how to drive more safely and how to be a responsible and considerate motorist. In an industry-first, we do this through proven behavioural change techniques that help address poor attitudes and uncontrolled emotions. All of this helps to make your employees safer road users and therefore, may help the company save lives. By engaging The Driving Doctor®, what you will also do is respect health and safety legislation and help to protect the company, its people and its assets against the risk of prosecution.

Reacting to the data supplied by a vehicle’s telematics device, The Driving Doctor® supplies digital coaching programmes that provide a drip-feed of actionable online prompts, messages, campaigns and remediation tools, automatically matched to individual drivers’ needs.

Behavioural Change Techniques

For the first time, The Driving Doctor® addresses the attitudinal aspects of driving through behavioural change techniques (BCTs) and gamification, thus inspiring, encouraging and influencing behavioural change by focusing on the human factors – the mental and emotional processes that are crucial to safe driving and efficient vehicle use.

Working primarily with fleets, insurers and TSPs, we provide products in a variety of digital formats to suit existing software platforms, providing a bolt-on proposition which is consistent, scalable and excellent value for money in terms of operational costs and risk reduction.