“I am thrilled to have brought to market an industry-unique milestone that improves driver safety and behaviour through this pioneering proposition. What we do is profoundly different to any other previous driver training or coaching methodology and by using telematics data correctly for the very first time, The Driving Doctor’s® groundbreaking innovations are an industry first that will change the way driver training is delivered forever”.

Paul Ripley, CEO, The Driving Doctor®

DSA ADI, DIA Dip Diploma, RoSPA Gold, RoSPA ADA Diploma, IAM, HPC, G&G 730 Diploma, MDG Class 1, MDG Diploma, DSA Grade 1 Cardington Advanced Test.

Telematics: The Missing Link

The Driving Doctor® provides the missing link in the telematics value chain by enhancing the value and usage of onboard devices through real time analysis of telematics data. We represent a breakthrough for the fleet, insurance, TSP and OEM industries.

Drawing on evidence-based content created by the internationally renowned authority in driver education and training and the founder and CEO of the company, Paul Ripley, our revolutionary driver behaviour feedback and coaching programmes transcend simplistic ‘scoring’ systems and deliver, through digital means, the finest perpetual supply of driver education available.


Our customers chose The Driving Doctor® because they know that we can help their company to better protect themselves and their drivers. By going beyond traditional and expensive driver training methods, we have created the most interactive, beneficial, cost effective and worthwhile asset, meaning you have one less thing to worry about.

The Driving Doctor® is your accredited partner with 40 years of experience. We see the value in using telematics data correctly and you will too!