Tip #56 Traffic Lights

Traffic lights are always about to do something, but what? How many of you know the correct traffic lights sequence? It’s hugely important, because this aids awareness, anticipation and decision making. It’s far better to know what colour change is about to happen in the sequence rather than waiting for a visual clue of the next colour change.

The correct traffic light sequence is: Red, red/amber, green, amber, red.  Did you get it right?  The danger of not knowing is that you to come to a light in the amber point of the sequence and continue to move off, when you should be looking to stop.  It’s also worth keeping your foot on the brake when you are sitting at the lights, so that traffic joining behind you knows that you are waiting for the lights to change.


Red means stop. Amber means stop. Green means go, but only if it’s safe to do so. Never take chances with your own life – or the life of others, either.

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