Telematics use transformed – a brand new and unique online driver behaviour improvement software system.

Traditionally, the only way to address poor driving was expensive personal tuition, based on general principles and brief observation.

So-called ‘black box’ telematics provide a more consistent measure of everyday driver behaviour, yet measurement alone cannot change that behaviour.  Evaluation is no substitute for education.

Now, with The Driving Doctor’s® completely new and unique online software feedback and coaching system, five years in development, drivers can be monitored and educated at the same time, enabling a whole new level of safety, efficiency, corporate responsibility and risk management.

Designed for fleets, insurers, vehicle leasing companies, telematics service providers and OEMs, The Driving Doctor’s® revolutionary software transforms raw telematics data into proactive and targeted coaching messages, support programmes and remedial campaigns, all delivered online and direct to the driver.

This proposition has been created by internationally renowned driving safety expert and company CEO, Paul Ripley.  Its content is based on 40 years of experience in driver training and indepth research into behavioural change techniques and gamification.  As a result, the system’s coaching messages are engaging, entertaining and interactive.  They address driver weaknesses, change attitudes, encourage improvement, develop driving skills and most importantly, enhance safety behind the wheel.  Automatically targeted at the drivers who need most help, the system minimises accidents, repairs and legal risks.  It simultaneously increases efficiency by reducing the costs of excessive fuel consumption, insurance premiums and vehicle wear and tear.

As the penalties for corporate manslaughter are now extremely severe, The Driving Doctor® platform empowers fleet managers to deal with the legal issues around duty of care responsibilities and audit trails as well.  The software supports compliance with stringent Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidelines and helps to avoid company prosecutions, potentially catastrophic fines and even imprisonment.  It also protects human and material resources, enhances risk reduction policies, CRM programmes and reinforces reputation management.

With The Driving Doctor® software platform, telematics is no longer just a measuring tool.  It’s now a proactive driver improvement, cost reduction and risk avoidance system that provides automatic and ongoing protection for companies, managers, drivers and the public at large.

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