Tip #21 Road Furniture

How many drivers use street lights to help plan a safe journey? Advanced police drivers use such ‘road furniture’ to gain early clues of what they will encounter ahead, and you should too. Light positioning can often help when approaching hazards. For example, on corners, lights are always positioned on the outside of the bend. If […]

Tip #20 Does Speed Kill?

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘speed kills’. However, it’s not just any speed that kills but inappropriate speed. Drivers need a thoughtful outlook to remain controlled, sensible and safe. Expert drivers maintain a ‘what if?’ safety margin in case the unexpected happens. This also helps them judge how fast they should approach a hazard. With practice it […]

Tip #19 Speed With Vision

If you’re driving towards a blind crest or corner, how do you judge a safe approach speed? Is there a safety formula? ‘Matching speed to vision’ means being able to stop within the distance you can see to be clear ahead. In effect, the less you can see, the slower you should drive – and always think […]

Tip #18 Stress & Safety

  We live in a fast-paced world and many of us have non-stop lifestyles. Inevitably, some drivers will be highly stressed by issues in their professional and personal lives. Acute stress can provoke irrational judgements and even a complete loss of self-control, certainly not desirable when controlling a powerful machine in a public space. Driving […]

Tip #17 Fast Driving

  Fast driving demands a rare set of skills. Because everything happens at an accelerated rate, the driver must pay complete and unwavering attention to his or her task, employing equally advanced scanning skills, awareness and anticipation. Nevertheless a common mistake is entering hazards too quickly, which is the true test of safety. As ever, […]

Tip #16 Common Courtesy

  Courtesy sometimes seems to be a forgotten virtue on our busy roads, but there are plenty of good reasons to preserve this traditional aspect of motoring culture. Giving a friendly wave, whether to thank someone for giving way or to apologise for a mistake, creates a better driving environment and reduces overall levels of stress and […]

Tip #15 Judge & Jury

I’m often asked the same question: How can I improve my driving? That in itself is an encouraging sign. Improvement is within us all if we have the motivation and willpower to pursue it. Sadly many never even try, preferring to believe that their driving is beyond reproach and acting as ‘judge and jury’ on […]

Tip #14 Driving 4×4’s

Love them or loathe them, 4x4s can be extremely useful in difficult conditions. Some are also very refined machines. However, in normal road driving, bear in mind that they don’t handle like a conventional car due to their high centre of gravity and high-profile tyres. High seating enhances views over hedges and traffic – use […]

Tip #13 The Two-Second Rule

Every driver should be familiar with ‘the two-second rule’, but are you aware that this minimum vehicle separation guide only applies in good dry conditions? In wet weather or fog, a different rule applies: you must always be able to stop ‘well within’ the distance you can see to be clear ahead, and that means […]

Tip #12 Overtaking

Overtaking can be a very hazardous manoeuvre, yet drivers aren’t taught how to do it safely. Many don’t try and don’t even allow space for others to do so, leading to queues of frustrated motorists. Choosing the right time and place is crucial, so ask yourself three things: is it necessary, is it safe and […]

Tip #11 Seat Belts

The humble seat belt is a wonderful safety device and a true life saver, although it’s sadly not seen as such by some foolish drivers and passengers. For that reason it’s illegal to travel without buckling up and my own attitude is simple – no belt, no ride. Do make sure seat belts are positioned […]

Tip #10 Alertness

Staying alert behind the wheel is critical to safety. Fatigue leads to low alertness, poor attention, slow reactions and limited visual activity. Collectively, these create potential dangers when a driver fails to recognise hazards until it’s too late to avoid an accident. Road safety depends on concentration, awareness and planning, so it’s vital that you […]