The Driving Doctor Wins Important Fleet Safety Businesscar Techies Award for Risk Management

THE DRIVING DOCTOR® WINS IMPORTANT FLEET SAFETY BUSINESSCAR TECHIES AWARD FOR RISK MANAGEMENT The Driving Doctor®, developers of the most advanced driver behaviour feedback and coaching software platform, has gained a prestigious award from the leading fleet vehicle magazine, BusinessCar. This latest honour follows closely on the heels of the 2018 Fleet Safety Product Award […]

The Driving Doctor Wins the 2018 Brake Fleet Safety Product Award

On behalf of The Driving Doctor®, CEO Paul Ripley collects the 2018 Brake Fleet Safety Product Award for the product that does the most to improve fleet safety through innovation.

Fleet Trak Partners with The Driving Doctor

FLEET TRAK PARTNERS WITH THE DRIVING DOCTOR® Kent based Fleet Trak Limited, a gold rated reseller of TomTom Telematics, has partnered with The Driving Doctor® to provide the company’s ground-breaking driver behaviour software product to their blue-chip customer base. Fleet Trak are a well-known award-winning fleet management company and one of the UK’s largest independent […]

TMC Signs Partnership Agreement with The Driving Doctor

TMC SIGNS PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT WITH THE DRIVING DOCTOR®    The Miles Consultancy (TMC), Europe’s leading fuel management company, has signed a partnership agreement with The Driving Doctor®, developers of the most advanced driver behaviour software platform. They will join forces to further enhance TMC’s award-winning fuel cost control programme.  The Driving Doctor® and TMC share […]

The Driving Doctor Announces Two Important New Business Gains

THE DRIVING DOCTOR® ANNOUNCES TWO IMPORTANT NEW BUSINESS GAINS   TomTom Telematics resellers become The Driving Doctor® customers Driver behaviour, safety improvements and cost savings are key to     The Driving Doctor® product offering Following the recent announcement of the significant and strong partnership arrangement with TomTom Telematics, The Driving Doctor®, developers of the […]

TOMTOM Telematics Extends It’s Business Association with The Driving Doctor

TOMTOM TELEMATICS EXTENDS ITS BUSINESS ASSOCIATION WITH THE DRIVING DOCTOR   TomTom Telematics, one of the world’s leading telematics solutions providers, is to offer The Driving Doctor’s® driver behaviour solution to its customers and resellers in a move that extends the business association between the two companies. The alliance, which starts with immediate effect, is […]

The Driving Doctor Secures Closer Ties with The Freight Transport Association

THE DRIVING DOCTOR® SECURES CLOSER TIES WITH THE FREIGHT TRANSPORT ASSOCIATION   FTA Silver Partnership of Van Excellence scheme confirmed Paul Ripley speaking at the Van Excellence Operational Briefings 2018 The Driving Doctor®, developers of the most advanced driver behaviour software platform which utilises telematics data capture to improve driver safety, has strengthened its links […]

The Driving Doctor Announces Partnership with Leading Telecommunications Company

THE DRIVING DOCTOR® ANNOUCES PARTNERSHIP WITH LEADING TELECOMMUNICATIONS COMPANY   Major contract will help improve company driver behaviour and safety. CASS embraces enhancements in efficiency, productivity, profitability and safety. Cable and Splicing Services, one of the UK’s leading telecommunications specialists, has signed a partnership agreement with The Driving Doctor®, the developers of the most advanced […]

Telematics Data Use Transformed

Telematics data use transformed – an industry-unique interactive driver behaviour improvement software platform.   What we do is brand new. Traditionally, the only way to address poor driving was expensive personal tuition, based on general principles and brief observation. Telematics devices provide a more consistent and unbiased measure of everyday driver behaviour. However, measurement alone […]

Tip #57 Concentrate & Comment

Concentration is the cornerstone of safe driving. Anything that distracts you at the wheel is potentially dangerous. Stay aware both mentally and visually, and don’t switch to ‘autopilot’ mode. Keep your attention on the road and never allow anything to take away your awareness, anticipation or scanning abilities. If the unexpected happens, you’ll take longer to react […]

Tip #56 Traffic Lights

Traffic lights are always about to do something, but what? How many of you know the correct traffic lights sequence? It’s hugely important, because this aids awareness, anticipation and decision making. It’s far better to know what colour change is about to happen in the sequence rather than waiting for a visual clue of the […]

Tip #55 Anti-Lock Brakes

Anti-lock brakes (ABS) are one of the finest driver safety aids – but only if you know how to use the system and understand what it actually does. ABS prevents the wheels from locking up, ensuring drivers have full directional control, so they can steer to safety around a potential obstacle in the road. And ABS has little advantage when […]

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