How We Do It

Telematics data capture can continuously monitor a driver’s behaviour but is unable by itself to deliver effective remedial measures when that behaviour falls below the required standards of safety and efficiency. A recent report by the UK’s world-renowned Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) observed that without structured driver feedback and coaching techniques, the business case for using telematics loses pace and credibility.

“It has been demonstrated that telematics can influence driver behaviour in a desirable manner when combined with feedback and incentives”.
Report PPR755 (07/01/2016), Provision of telematics research.

The correct use of telematics is how The Driving Doctor’s® philosophy and methodology is realised and delivered. By recording and analysing telematics data, The Driving Doctor® can identify areas for individual driver improvement.

Identify Risk

Recent reports show that without offering structured driver feedback and coaching techniques, the business case for using telematics to assist drivers to become safer loses pace and credibility.

Poor driving will produce constructive feedback and coaching which if ignored, will be highlighted by The Driver Doctor’s® data systems. Our network detects when drivers are ignoring advice and informs management appropriately, so higher risk drivers are identified. As an added value service and in conjunction with the client, The Driving Doctor® can then engage in a direct dialogue with the driver concerned in order to identify areas for individual improvement.


Our coaching products are built around a huge library of evidence-based content, providing a series of online prompts and remediation tools that can be deployed quickly and easily.

Educational campaigns are delivered through digital channels in a timely, entertaining, motivating and non-confrontational manner using gradual BCTs never before employed in experienced driver coaching. These campaigns ensure consistency in content and learning for drivers of all ages and experience, based anywhere in the world and can be delivered in any language. They are expertly designed to address aggressive, unsafe and inefficient driving behaviour triggered by emotions, actions and reactions behind the wheel. Fundamentally, they replace more traditional, inconsistent and expensive methods of driver training. They not only help drivers understand the vital importance of their actions behind the wheel, but continually guides them along the road to improvement. The Driving Doctor’s® coaching products can also be delivered passively to non-telemetered drivers.

Individual Driver Feedback

We have pioneered and developed an industry-unique tiered messaging and driver campaign system where concise, pertinent messages are delivered to drivers to provide precise education at the right time, every time. Furthermore, through telematics data capture, our messages are based on actual driving behaviour, ability and safety. This tiered messaging under-pins the motivational aspects and ensures that any improvement drivers have shown is rewarded appropriately.

Our easy to digest advice is suitable for drivers of all age groups, occupations and experience, with clear and easy to follow instructions. Responses to interactive elements are provided immediately in order to enhance the driver’s learning experience.


Company management receives access to a dedicated ‘Dashboard’, an online portal that enables them to see at a glance how their drivers are performing and improving in their day-to-day driving activities. Alerts will be issued should certain drivers ignore their bespoke coaching programmes or fail to address any consistent poor or unsafe driving habits, thus providing an opportunity for early corrective action to be taken. Drivers also have access to their own individual portals to enable them to monitor and gain insight into their performance behind the wheel.