The Benefits To You

Like never before, The Driving Doctor® brings telematics to life and revolutionises the way driver coaching is delivered.

For companies who manage a fleet of vehicles, use of The Driving Doctor® enhances drivers’ abilities, thus saving money by reducing accident frequency and severity and lowering fuel consumption and vehicle wear and tear. The product also addresses the legal issues of audit trails, duty of care, corporate manslaughter legislation and CSR. Our approach facilitates outstanding driver risk management strategies and promotes a positive driver/employee relationship.

For the insurance industry, use of The Driving Doctor® enhances driver behaviour and safety behind the wheel, thus mitigating accidents and crash causation. As the coaching programmes provide a method for regular communication, it also helps to improve CSI and customer loyalty and retention levels.

For vehicle manufacturers investing in new in-car technologies, The Driving Doctor® represents an opportunity to communicate more frequently, thus enhancing the customer’s ownership experience in an extremely positive way, therefore encouraging brand loyalty.

Reduce Accident Frequency and Severity

Safer drivers will initiate a reduction in accidents, which in turn reduces vehicle repair costs and driver absence. A reduction in accidents will also save you time, money and inconvenience.

Lowering loss ratio and crash causation is a key goal and the rewards and challenges offered by The Driving Doctor® will result in enhanced driver safety, accountability, responsibility and compliance with H&S legislation.

As company directors and business managers are aware, “It is an employer’s duty to protect the health, safety and welfare of their employees and other people who might be affected by their business. Employers must do whatever is reasonably practicable to achieve this”. Health and Safety Executive.

The Driving Doctor’s® products help to address the legal issues of compliance with H&S legislation, audit trails, duty of care and avoid potential corporate manslaughter proceedings. They assist in the mitigation of court action and enhance corporate responsibility and reputation management.

Minimise Costs

The Driving Doctor’s® coaching programmes save you money on your fleet costs by reducing fuel consumption and wear and tear through improved driver abilities. Fleet costs are further mitigated as your drivers will improve in critical safety aspects.

Enhanced Corporate Social Responsibility

The Driving Doctor’s® coaching methodology is about communicating; influencing, encouraging and guiding drivers with new, achievable goals and setting objectives that enhance safety behind the wheel, digitally. This benefits fleet management as the driving risk is measured, monitored and minimised.